Why would someone consider hiring a Daily Money Manager?

Professionals who work with seniors are aware that individuals who are unable to manage their finances are at a much higher risk of losing their independence, being institutionalized and receiving guardianship.  In addition, seniors are susceptible to being financially exploited and scammed by strangers as well as (sometimes) people they know and/are associated with.

Several indicators that someone could benefit from a Daily Money Manager:

  • Constantly losing checks or cash
  • Forgetting where or how much money they have
  • Lending or spending money inappropriately for their situation
  • Missed paying bills or paying bills multiple times
  • Becoming easily confused or overwhelmed by mail and bills
  • Is vulnerable for fraud or has already been taken advantage of

Who would benefit from hiring AccountAbility Bookkeeping Service for Daily Money Management Services?

Individuals who:

  • Have physical conditions (ex: arthritis) that make check writing difficult
  • Challenged with cognitive issues
  • Sight or hearing impairments
  • Limited or no family/friends to rely on for assistance
  • Overwhelmed or have limited experience with financial management

Providing Daily Money Management Services for Seniors